Election Campaign – Dr. Deron Brown

OMA District 11 Director

Dear Colleagues,

My request for your support comes at the most pivotal time for our profession in over a generation. We have seen and experienced our status quo, and it has driven us all to seek something better. It is in this spirit I became further engaged in health care and our profession as an advocate for positive change.

Through my involvement over the past few years and more recently, with Concerned Ontario Doctors, I have been able to advocate for our profession and our patients in several ways. Continue reading “Election Campaign – Dr. Deron Brown”

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Election Campaign – Dr. Audrey Karlinsky



Let us make 2017 a year of open dialogue between members and OMA Board


  • I will represent the specific interests of our local membership at council, whether new to practice, still in training or as established practitioners.
  • reform-reduce # of committees- ENGAGEMENT OF YOUNGER MEMBERS-Relevant/Compelling social media/Twitter Campaigns
  • Insist on open and real time communication with members
  • earn member trust by responding quickly to up-and-coming issues, provide timely analyses of the government actions, and more so than ever, respond decisively to media spin

Continue reading “Election Campaign – Dr. Audrey Karlinsky”

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Election Campaign – Dr. Deljit “Del” DHANOA

Dear Colleagues,

It is an honour to have been your District 9 Council Chair for over the past year. During this time I have participated in a broad range of activities that support our local physicians. At Council I speak up to represent your views. I took a vocal role in criticizing the recent 2016 tentative Physician’s Service Agreement (tPSA) that was voted down this past summer.

I have worked diligently to represent physicians on crucial practice related issues and created the Bill 41 petition to protect our family medicine specialists. Continue reading “Election Campaign – Dr. Deljit “Del” DHANOA”

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How to Energize Your Career or Change It Completely

A colleague one town over died recently. After 50 years, he had a huge practice.

His patients say that he often called them on Sundays with results. He loved medicine.

He saw 40 patients one day and died the next.

Doctors used to work until they got too blind or dull to carry on. Seeing more patients was the best way to shake off malaise and stay energized. It gave instant rewards, decent pay and didn’t feel like work most of the time.

Today, old docs say that young docs don’t want to work. The old-timers are partly right, but for the wrong reasons.

Very few doctors can survive old-time clinical medicine: 60 hours a week for 50 years. Modern clinical medicine has too little medicine left in it. Continue reading “How to Energize Your Career or Change It Completely”

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Doctor Derangement Syndrome

Some people hate cows.

Cow haters often have good reasons for feeling so.

Perhaps they had a bad experience with a scary cow. Now they tell everyone that cows are smelly and bad for your health.

Occasionally, cow haters pretend to support the dairy industry, but only if it leads to increased regulation of cows in general:

Cows are such a precious resource that we need government to control them.

Other people love cows above all else and put them centre stage at every state fair. They push for more pasture, just for cattle. They re-write food guides to support the dairy industry.


Some people hate doctors.

No doubt, doctor-haters have deep reasons for feeling so. Perhaps they had a bad experience with a scary doctor.

Now, they write nasty columns in the Toronto Star about doctors.  All the inspiration they need is a tweet, by a famously unpopular Premier from the 1990s. Continue reading “Doctor Derangement Syndrome”

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Election Campaign – Dr. John Tracey

Like you I have become angered at the treatment meted out to our profession over the last 4 years by this intransigent and disrespectful government.

Dr. Hoskins supports Bills 41 and 87 which, amongst other issues, would require the CPSO to report personal health information to the Minister about any member in total contradiction to PHIPA and our human rights. At the same time he refuses protections through binding arbitration knowing that physicians are explicitly excluded from the Labour Relations Act. Continue reading “Election Campaign – Dr. John Tracey”

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Election Campaign – Dr. Kiran Cherla

It would be an honour to serve the profession, the doctors of Ontario, and the patients we serve as the District 5 Director to the OMA Board. I am a family doctor working in Georgetown for the past 15 years providing comprehensive office based care and emergency medicine, obstetrics and in patient services at Georgetown hospital. Over the past 5 years I have been providing long term care services in Richmond Hill. Continue reading “Election Campaign – Dr. Kiran Cherla”

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Election Campaign – Dr. Lesley Barron

I am a community general surgeon living in Georgetown Ontario, and have been on the board since May of 2015, which has been a steep learning curve for this medical politics newbie.  After some soul searching reflecting on the last 2 tumultuous years I have decided to run again for this position but I welcome the other candidates running against me this year.   Continue reading “Election Campaign – Dr. Lesley Barron”

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Lame Duck Leadership

“The term lame duck generally refers to one who holds power when that power is certain to end in the near future.” (Legal Dictionary)

Lame duck leaders do not face the consequences of their actions; they will soon be gone.

Other politicians do not worry about what a lame duck does or says, as long as the lame duck leaves them alone.

Lame ducks can do great harm, but for the most part, everyone sits back and waits for new management.

Vote of Non-Confidence

On Sunday, the OMA Council, Ontario Doctors’ governing body, debated the following motion:

“That OMA council express to the OMA Executive Committee that Council has lost confidence in the leadership provided by the Executive”

Council voted 55% in favour.

Usually, 25 Board members and 7 student representatives vote, en bloc, in support of whatever the Board advises [Correction: Past Presidents don’t vote]. Considering that, the non-confidence motion had the support of an overwhelming majority of working doctors.

For the first time ever, Council said that it did not trust the current Executive to lead doctors in Ontario. Continue reading “Lame Duck Leadership”

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