Shawn WhatleyPatients suffer from unrecognized anti-patient concepts embedded in healthcare process, structure, and training.

I started writing about emergency department process improvement but soon realized that we were attempting to change cherished concepts, not just process.  Our success needed different concepts; thinking had to change first.

You will find posts keep coming back to these themes:

  • Outstanding patient service needs providers focussed on serving patients instead of the system.
  • Innovation and excellence grows on freedom, empowerment and inspiration.
  • Over-regulation stifles progress and guarantees mediocrity at best.
  • 1000 front-line physicians have more practical wisdom than 100 of the smartest central planners.

Politically, I support:

  • Freedom
  • Equal opportunity
  • Voluntarism
  • Helping others
  • Localism – letting people closest to an issue make decisions wherever possible
  • Division of power
  • Human frailty
  • The most important things in life are not things.
  • Meaning transcends the material.

I currently practise in a small rural clinic. We’re part of a family health team with university affiliation. Before this, I worked in a large emergency department and served in leadership from 2008-2014. My past includes work as a coroner, in a vein clinic, doing nuclear cardiac stress testing, clinical trial and even surgical assisting.

Shawn WhatleyMy wife, Monica, and I parent Lara, Kate, Jonathan, and Emma on a small farm with 2 horses (rescued), 2 dogs, and a cat.

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