Ontario’s doctors react to comments made in the House of Commons

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attacked doctors in the House of Commons this week.

As doctors struggle to rebuild from 5 years of cuts and attacks, Trudeau decided to throw his own punches.

How much more can doctors take?

Has there been a month when doctors were not under attack in recent memory?

Ontario’s doctors react to comments made in the House of Commons

Toronto, Ont., Sept. 20: The comments made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons on Monday, Sept. 18, are unacceptable to myself and physicians across Ontario. These comments undercut the hard work and long hours that doctors dedicate to providing quality patient care.

Making sure every patient gets the care they need when they need it is every physician’s priority, and we are proud to be accountable to patients and their families every day. In addition to proposing unfair tax changes that could make Canada an undesirable place to practice medicine, the Prime Minister is personally attacking doctors to instigate class warfare for political gain.

Ontario’s doctors call on the Prime Minister to end the name calling, and instead listen to the concerns that physicians and other small-business owners have with the proposed tax changes.

The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) will continue to stand up for doctors and advocate for what is in the best interest of our members.

Dr. Shawn Whatley

President, Ontario Medical Association

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4 Replies to “Ontario’s doctors react to comments made in the House of Commons”

  1. Thank you Shawn!
    Trudough has been an astoundingly fake, hypocritical, unqualified megalomaniac from the day he wrote his memoir about his accomplished life till 40 as a rich kid substitute drama teacher. And then this parliament garbage. Job action PLEASE!

  2. Gerald, I did want to reply to your comment to me , with the last column, in case you stop following comments when a new piece comes out. I appreciate the positive outlook and opinion,but something feels wrong here.
    The plan can not be to assume an arbitrator will rule in our favor. The plan cannot be to assume doctors will out- negotiate and out -media manipulate professional government teams which managed to still get Liberals elected despite horrible scandals. The only thing Wynnes crew respond to is public opinion and polls. They need to be dragged into the wrestling match they actually started. That will change the BA negotiations big time. Or just more leadership from the middle? More “no tax cuts because we only care for patients and nothing else” ,which always just embarasses me. The gloves are off. See Trudeaus speech in Parliament. Best weapon against Trudeau and Wynne? Actually force her into the public ring with him. With an election looming. That will help both the BA and the tax fight with upwards pressure on Ottawa from TO. But NO mention from the OMA about the fee losses because of ONTARIO tax loopholing. Nothing. Crickets and cabbies chirping in Yorkville. Id be honestly happy if someone would convince me another strategy would work and why.

  3. Thanks Shawn for the update, do you think the opposition parties are making a good spin of the situation?

    Moreover, it would be great to hear how the provincial BA negotiations are starting this month in the middle of escalating pressure on the medical profession.

    Do you think it’s time to start some systemic job actions (the ones not contradicting the BA agreements not really affecting the bottom line 🙂 – ?
    I keep asking/bringing suggestions on this & other forums, still cannot get a clear answer.
    When I contacted OMA job-action committee, the reply is “everything is put on hold in a view of BA negotiations”: should it STILL be considered – something lead by OMA & properly followed by MEDIA/opposition parties – ?

  4. Thank you for addressing this terribly insulting situation. Finally, some good journalists are focusing on the hypocrisy of the Liberals. They are not discussing or clamping down on tax havens, trust funds or stock options.. These tax loopholes affect only the very rich yet cost the government much more. For the Liberals to have embarked on a smear campaign on physicians during a supposed consultation period is unfair and unbelievable. The OMA needs to discuss this hypocrisy and bullying by the Federal government.

    Thank you to Dr. Nadia Alam for speaking out in the Toronto Star. She used her personal story and spoke with the passion and outrage that was being felt by all physicians, their families, and their patients.
    I believe that Trudeau and Morneau need to spend some time observing physicians at work. They are quick to visit farmers but I have never heard of a politician shadowing a physician. Maybe they would have some respect for the profession if they actually spent some time in a hospital, practice or hospice.

    I call on you Dr. Whatley to invite them to spend a day shadowing a doctor at CHEO.

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