Updated Oct 14, 2017

I spend most of my time with the Ontario Medical Association this year.  I never expected my role as President to be so much fun and so much work. I couldn’t imagine a more exciting, challenging, rewarding or interesting place to be in healthcare right now. What an honour.

As OMA spokesperson, I cannot be as provocative, but I still get to share more than I could have otherwise.

I am working on a book proposal tentatively called Mistreated.

Mistreated focusses on patient experience, treatment of doctors, and how to make it all better. Government spending, programs and control will not save us. We do not need more funding; We need change from the inside. I have been thinking about this for years and cannot wait to get into a book.

Although my time to write has shrunk by about 80%, other opportunities have opened up. The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Toronto Sun have published my work. I continue to write for the Medical Post on-line, but much less than last year.

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